Transform your powerpoint presentations with live audience polling

ivote-app audience response system

Ask questions, gather responses, view instant results - simple! The addition of audience polling slides will add a whole new interactive dynamic to your talks.
Audience Engagement

Whether you use PowerPoint in the classroom, auditorium or boardroom, the inclusion of live polling slides will ensure you keep your audience engaged, focused and enthused throughout your presentation. It’s time to become a supercharged presenter with iVote-App!

Poll your way

Gather participant responses anonymously for instant review with live feedback charts. Alternatively, use named lists for demographic analysis, formal assessment and training to gain valuable data insights and track individual progress.

Data Analytics

Review all iVote polling slides live during your presentation in real-time. Review historical data after the event using the Report Manager which stores all collected response data in a variety of visually appealing excel style reports.

Robust Technology

iVote-App live Audience Polling uses the latest cloud based technologies to ensure reliable and robust communication channels. Whether you are presenting to 1 person or 100’s, iVote scales seamlessly to meet your requirements.

The iVote-App Audience Response System works directly within PowerPoint. No need to import/export your PPT files to cloud servers.

How Does it Work?

iVote-App Audience Response System. Simple, effective live polling software

The iVote-App audience response system can be used for formal assessment, feedback, marketing or simply for fun! Install the PowerPoint Add-in, create polling slides and create a session code. Audience members enter the code into their internet connected device and answer polls as they appear.

Add multiple choice, text response, demographic, numeric or word cloud voting slides directly into your PowerPoints and take your presentations to the next level.

The live polling results will be displayed instantly directly inside your PowerPoint polling slide ready for discussion. All results are also stored in a variety of report style formats for distribution and further analysis after the presentation ends.

The iVote response system also contains advanced features if required. View polling results via set demographics. Leaderboards for a competitive edge. Capture attendee details to create marketing lists or view graded reports to track student progress.

  • Create Engaging Polling Slides

    Easy to use Question Manager built into PowerPoint

  • Create a Session Code

    Create a session for Participants to join with the click of a button

  • Free Participant App

    Audience members download the free iVote-App and enter the session code.

  • Enjoy Live Audience polling!

    Participants respond to the live polling slides in real-time as they appear in your PowerPoint. Results appear instantly.

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The iVote Presenter Remote coming soon in 2019! Control your interactive PowerPoint presentation using a Smartphone or Tablet in real-time.

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