Anonymous or Named polling?

iVote-App anonymous audience polling

Anonymous Polling

When it comes to live polling audience members during presentations, traditionally the most popular method is anonymous polling.  This means that audience members cannot be identified against their responses.  Anonymous polling is very popular as it gives individuals the confidence to respond freely and honestly.

Often during a PowerPoint presentation, individuals can be reluctant to speak up.  This is more prevalent in larger groups.  Knowing that responses to polling slides are anonymous gives every participant a chance to voice their opinion.  They feel less inhibited knowing that they can answer polling slides freely in a non-identifiable way.

Anonymous polling is most suited to talks where it is not important to attribute polling responses to individual respondents.  The iVote-App audience response system allows for anonymous polling sessions to be created quickly and easily.

Named lists

Using named lists requires the audience members details to be entered into the iVote audience response system before the presentation commences.  This can be via manual data input or more commonly importing a CSV/excel file containing participant details.  This can be delegate/department lists for corporate events or a student course list in education scenarios.

It is in education where named lists are particularly popular.  Educators often use live polling of students for assessment purposes.  Often, the polling slides test the students understanding of the topic being presented.  Using identifiable polling lets the educator track individual progress using iVote-App system generated reports.  Students can be tracked over a whole course, individual topics or on a per question basis.  Leader board reports can also be viewed to see who the top performers are, and which individuals are struggling and may require further instruction.

Using named list polling also allows for an element of gamification.  Adding question slides with scores assigned can create an engaging, competitive element to your presentations.  The iVote-App system allows a scoreboard to be viewed after each polling slide and also at the end of the presentation to see who the overall winner is.

iVote-App attendee list

Generate an attendee list with iVote-App Live Polling

A particularly useful feature of the iVote audience response system is the ability to capture audience data and generate an attendee list.  This is great for corporate events where there is no delegate list available beforehand.  Audience members will be required to enter their name and email ID when logging into iVote-App.  There are also optional fields that can be captured such as the organisation the attendee works for.  After the event, an attendee list report is generated by the iVote Report Manager.  The list can then be used for follow-up and marketing purposes.

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