Can the iVote Audience Response System benefit your PowerPoint Presentations?

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Are you considering conducting live audience polling during your lecture, business event or conference?  If so, you have come to the right place.  In the first instance, it is important to understand that you need a reliable audience response system to ensure successful audience interaction.  In addition, it is essential for you to know how best use the system to make your talk go smoothly.  Today, in this fast-developing digital world, the iVote-App audience response system offers you a highly intuitive live polling solution that works seamlessly with PowerPoint.  The iVote Live polling solution can be used via smartphone app or hardware clickers.  Both options work with the same software.  There are several benefits that you can derive out of these two solutions.

Benefits of Live Polling with iVote

iVote-App Live Audience Polling can be used in several ways.  It can be used to conduct training programs, skills development seminars, conferences and meetings related to any business or educational operation.  Use iVote-App for formal assessment, surveys, evaluations or simply quizzing your audience members.  All polling slides can be created in seconds with seamless PowerPoint integration.  By engaging your audience members you gain valuable data insights, keep your attendees energised and ensure your presentations stand out from the crowd.

Live Polling Students in Educational Scenarios

The iVote Audience Response System is suited perfectly to educational lectures and all teaching/classroom environments.  Live poll your students during a lesson and get instantly viewable results.  iVote is one of the best polling apps for testing topic understanding, formal assessment or simply creating fun quiz competitions.  The reports generated by iVote allow individual student tracking, per question analysis and overall class performance.  You can also view leaderboards and set time limited polling slides.  Students can be polled anonymously or they can login to iVote-App using their email ID/student code for individual scoring and assessment purposes.  The uses of student polling are many and only limited by your imagination and needs as an educator.

Business Conference Talks

You can use the iVote Live Audience Polling system to make your business conference more interactive and memorable.  Take your important business events to the next level by actively engaging the members of your audience during your talk.  Ask before and after polls to test understanding of the topic being presented.  This helps you to leave a long-standing impression on your audience about both you as a presenter and your organization.

iVote in Training Programs, Seminars and Workshops

By integrating iVote live polling slides into your training/workshop presentations, you expand the scope of what can be achieved during the sessions.  You can re-energize the room if attention starts to drift during longer sessions.  You can hammer home key learning points, increase concentration, focus and knowledge retention by live polling your attendees to test whether concepts are being understood.  Insert before and after polls to test audience members or add music during live polling to create more atmosphere in the room.  Use iVote-App to assess/grade the attendees by creating exam style questions with scores assigned.  Award the highest scoring attendee using the leaderboard feature to see who the top performers are.  By conducting your presentations with the iVote-App audience response system, you can be assured you are using one of the most intuitive and robust voting solutions available on the market today.

iVote-App Key Features – One of the best polling app systems available

iVote-App seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint which is great since PowerPoint is still the number one presentation tool used around the world.  For presenters, this means creating your live polling slides inside an editor you are familiar with.  Audience members need the free iVote-App to respond to the polling slides during the live presentation.  All response data is instantly viewable as bar, pie, word cloud or a table of responses.  Add polling effects such as timers and music to create more engaging and appealing presentations.
iVote is one of the best polling solutions when it comes to analytics and reports available after the event.  Group reports, individual tracking reports, leaderboards and more are available within the iVote Report Manager as are all historical reports.  All reports can be exported to Excel for additional analysis.  Other features of the iVote polling app system include demographic reporting, anonymous or named polling, capturing attendee details and more.


The iVote Live Audience Polling system is one of the best polling app options available to create interactive, engaging PowerPoint presentations.  It is simple and easy to use but contains plenty of powerful features making it suited to any live presentation scenario.  So, whether you are an educator, trainer or manager, consider using iVote-App live polling to take your presentations to the next level and gain valuable data insights from your audience members.

The iVote-App PowerPoint Polling solution contains a free plan option to trial the system - Try it now.