iVote-App Live Audience Polling

ivote powerpoint polling app

The iVote-App audience response system is a powerful, live polling solution using the latest cloud-based technologies.  Conduct live polling in training sessions, educational lectures, conferences, and business meetings using iVote-App.  It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and it will ensure both you (the presenter) and your presentations stand out from the crowd.

iVote-App Software Components

The iVote-App live polling solution contains two parts.  Firstly, the iVote PowerPoint Addin software which installs directly into Microsoft PowerPoint as ribbon/tab.  The addin allows live polling slides to be created in seconds.  It also has many other powerful features such as demographic analysis and full historical reporting.  The second element is the free participant app available for smart devices running Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows 10 OS.  This includes, smartphones, tablets and Windows 10 PC’s.  The iVote participant app will display the live polling slides on the audience members device allowing real-time responses using a simple, intuitive interface with all polling results instantly available on the Presenter PC.

Some key features

The types of presentation options allowed by iVote-App is what sets it apart.  You can run anonymous polling, use named lists or capture audience data before the presentation starts (attendee list).  You can track individual progress with scoring/graded polling slides or use survey type questions for feedback/evaluation purposes.  Ask multiple choice/selection or open text questions.  All data is stored in a variety of reports.

Supercharge your PowerPoint Presentations

With iVote-App live audience polling solutions, you can take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level by engaging your audience members in two-way communication allowing a forum for discussion and creating energy in the room.  Using the iVote live polling app, your audience members will be engaged, enthused and energised throughout helping you to create a memorable experience for yourself as the presenter and your audience members.

Download the iVote PowerPoint Addin and create a free plan today!