February 3, 2017


Become a supercharged Presenter and connect with your audience - iVote-Clickers

iVote-Clickers - Key Benefits

Latest Technology
The iVote-Clickers use the latest RF technology with multi-channel options that provide reliable functionality each time you use the system. Combined with our intuitive iVote PowerPoint add-in software, you will supercharging your presentations in no time!
Data Analytics
The iVote-Clicker system contains all the reports and data capture you need. Whether run anonymously or via named lists, your valuable audience response data is stored in a variety of visually appealing reports.
Full Support and Guidance
When you buy or rent the iVote-Clickers, we will ensure you get all the support you need. The iVote team can help with creating polling slides, training, testing or anything else you require...just ask!

iVote-Clicker Audience Response System

For Business meetings, Conferences, Education and Training. Make your PowerPoint presentations stand out from the crowd.

iVote Business Conference


Using the iVote-Clicker Polling system will take your business events to the next level. Involving your audience members during your talk will leave a lasting impression and allow you gain the insights that matter.

iVote in Education


Use iVote-Clickers to poll your students' and view results instantly. Test topic understanding, formal assessment or create fun quizzes - Classroom polling is only limited by your imagination and ensures all students have a "voice"

iVote Training Centre

Training Centres

Corporate training departments or independent training companies can benefit from the powerful assessment and reporting features included with iVote-Clickers. A wide variety of data analytics are available both during and after the event.

iVote Workshops and Seminar


Let's be honest, a workshop or seminar can drag a bit with participants losing focus after a short time. Re-energize your audience by polling them periodically to enhance knowledge retention and retain focus.

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iVote-Clickers - Reliable Technology

Over the years, clicker/keypad technology has evolved to become more reliable than ever.  Using the 2.4Ghz wireless Radio Frequency (RF) over multiple channels, the iVote-Clicker Audience Response System provides reliable, interference free communication over a large range to ensure all responses are collated in seconds for every poll you run.

The clickers or keypads work with the iVote PowerPoint Add-in which contains many powerful features yet is simple and intuitive to use. It allows for polling slides to created or converted in seconds.  It is that quick! The iVote-Clicker Audience Polling System supports the following question types: Multiple Choice, Rating and Ranking Scale, Numeric responses, True/False, Yes/No, Demographic Analytics and Sequence/ordering.

The iVote Team provide a variety of options for your business events and conferences.  We offer pre-event support when creating your iVote polling slides to ensure your PowerPoint presentations are fully tested and will work seamlessly on the day.  We can also provide technical support personnel on the day of the event to ensure your event goes without a hitch.

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