October 18, 2017

iVote Free Plan

Sign Up for a free iVote-App plan - No credit card details required

iVote-App allows live polling with up to 50 participants - totally free. No need to provide your credit card details. Just download the iVote PowerPoint Addin, create a free account and start live polling today.

Installing the iVote PowerPoint Addin

Once downloaded, unzip the iVote PowerPoint Addin file and run setup.exe.  The addin will install directly inside Microsoft PowerPoint on your windows PC. Once installed, launch PowerPoint, select the iVote tab/ribbon and click on the Login/Sign up option.  Follow the simple 3 step signup process detailed below to start free polling.

Step 1

Select the Free Plan sign up option...


Step 2

Enter your name and email ID and then hit Submit...

free powerpoint polling app

Step 3

Enter the passcode received and press Activate - Done!


Important Notes about the iVote-App Free Plan

You can use the iVote-App live audience polling free plan for as long you like.  However, please note that if you sign out of a free plan, you cannot use the same activation code again - you must sign up for a new free plan and use a new activation code.

The free plan has been designed to allow you to try iVote-App PowerPoint Polling before making a purchasing decision.  If you would like to try the system with more polling slides and all features, why not sign up for the basic plan at $9.99 per month?  This allows unlimited polling slides with 30 participants and as it's subscription based you can cancel anytime.  Visit our pricing plans page for more details.

If you have any questions, please use the form below to contact us.

Got a question about the iVote Free Plan?

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