How do you use a Word Cloud during live audience polling?

Word Clouds are a powerful, visualisation tool that can be used with open text questions in iVote-App.  The word cloud will display an image of all the words sent in by audience members and arrange them into a cloud shape.  The larger the word size in the cloud, the more frequently it was used.

Here is an example of a word cloud using an excerpt from the Winston Churchill (June 4 1940) “We shall fight them on the beaches” speech:

iVote-App Word Cloud

How to use Word Clouds in Live Polling Events

The iVote-App word cloud opens lots of possibilities during live audience polling presentations.  For the most effective word clouds to be generated, think about using questions that require one-word answers. These are great when used as icebreakers or evaluation style questions.  Here are some examples:

Corporate Events/Meetings

  • ·         In a word, sum up how you feel after this presentation? (Useful insight)
  • ·         How is everyone feeling this morning? (icebreaker)
  • ·         Sum up in a word what you want to get out of today’s event? (Useful insight)
  • ·         What is your one goal for this quarter? (targeted)
  • ·         What makes you happy? Sad? Angry? (icebreaker)


  • ·         What is the key thing you learnt from this course/lecture/lesson?
  • ·         What’s the one thing that stood out from the article/text/passage?
  • ·         What’s the overriding theme of the text?
  • ·         What would your diagnoses be for the diagram shown?

The iVote-App Audience Response System allows you to create Word Cloud polling slides in seconds.  Download the iVote-App PowerPoint addin and try the word cloud feature today.